Surrounding Area & Attractions

Our property (114 Acres/46 hectares) is nestled in the heart of Huron County in Ontario’s West Coast. It is a hilly part of a large bush in an agricultural area that is very close to the Hullet Provincial Wildlife Area (2200 hectares and 12 public walking trails). The bird watching in this area is amazing! We are on the Atlantic Mississippi migratory flyway. There are 8 natural ponds and one that was dredged out. The South Maitland River runs through here and Hullet. We are within 25 minutes of fabulous beaches, golf clubs, shopping, breweries, wineries, and the G2G Trail.

  • Huron
    This website is a wealth of information about lots of attractions
  • Hullet Provincial Wildlife
    500 metres
  • Goderich -25 kms-
    On Lake Huron, G2G trail, Tiger Dunlop’s Tomb, Maitland River, Fine dining and casual Restaurants, Boutiques, Theatre, Golf courses, 3 beaches, museums, Breweries, fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, marina, spas, Culbert’s Bakery, Celtic Festival, Bowling, 3 art galleries, miniature golf, Maitland Market.
  • Blyth – 10kms-
    G2G Trail, Cowbell Brewery, Blyth Festival Theatre, Blyth Inn, Boutiques and shops,3 art studios, spas.
  • Bayfield– 26kms-
    On Lake Huron, Golf course, Boutiques, shops, 3 art studios, spas, brewery, beach, marina, Shopbike Coffee Roasters, Zehr’s Country Market
  • Clinton– 9kms-
    This is the middle of Huron County. restaurants, shops, golf course, CNR School on Wheels Museum, spa, Clinton Sporting Goods, Made in Huron, Bartliff’s Bakery, PETS Boarding.

Patios and Decks

  • Blyth
    Cowbell Brewing Co.
  • Bayfield
    Albion Hotel, Bayfield’s Brewing Co.’s Public House, Black Dog Village Pub and Bistro, The Dock’s Restaurant and Bar, The Lake House of Bayfield
  • Goderich
    Beach Street Station, Park House Restaurant, Part II Bistro, West Street Willy’s Eatery, Paddy O’Neil’s Restaurant Pub

Drive-In Dining

  • Clinton – 9km- Willy’s Burger Bar
  • Brucefield– 17 km- Farmer’s Dell
  • Seaforth – 13.5 km-Freeze King
  • Goderich – 25km- Sky Ranch Drive-In
  • Wingham – 35km- Frosty Queen

Outdoor recreation

  • Clinton Raceway and
  • The edge of Walton Challenge – Rope climbing, High tower and mountain biking
  • Walton Raceway – Canadian Motocross Grand National
  • Port Albert Fishway – fish bypass

Tour Operators

  • 519 Tours
  • Blyth Bike Tours
  • Explore Beyond the Shore Experience Tours
  • Papple Aviation
  • Wave Limos & Tours