Rental Terms & Conditions

Renters are only allowed to have the total amount of people that they have booked for on the property.

Rental units are a part of a private property that is dedicated to preserving its environment while helping the wildlife flourish. Please take only pictures, make only memories, and leave only footprints. Harassing or feeding the animals is strictly forbidden and very dangerous. Some trails will be blocked off during certain times to protect the animal’s nurseries or because of dangers from unstable environments. This is a natural area. There are trees and branches that have fallen down on the trails. You may need to climb over them or take an alternate route. Please stay on the trails as much as possible. There are enough of them that you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else. We do have sensitive areas that would not recover if trodden on. If you see a nest that you would like to get closer to, please ask for permission and we will try to help. Remember that it is dangerous to walk in a bush in a high wind. You are not allowed in the bush in a steady or gusting wind of 50 km/hr or more. Garbage and recycling must be kept in the containers provided.

Gift certificates do not qualify for a cash refund. They may be used to go towards a reservation, product or service. Cancellation of a reservation using a gift certificate is still obligated to the refund policy below.

Any booking cancellation or change must be made to If you have not got a response within 12 hours, please call 519-482-9318. The cancellation policy is printed below.

Refund terms and conditions

Refund 95% in first 24 hours after reservation is made

Refund 80% if the cancellation is made 14 or more days from the reservation date

Refund 50% if the cancellation is made 8-14 days before the reservation date

No refund is issued if the cancellation is made within 7 days of check-in time.

If you want to change to another location/ accommodation on the property, is only possible if available and still subject to the cancellation policy.

If there is a government-mandated shutdown, or a guest is not able to keep their reservation due to a positive covid test, we will offer to re-book that guest in another available opening or issue a refund according to the refund terms and conditions. Proof of a positive test will be required.