Spa and Wellness Breaks at NRG Sanctuary

Looking for a spa break that’s relaxing from the moment you arrive?
That’s what we offer here at our secluded wooded location.

Our range of Spa Services

Like all good boutique Ontario spas, you can choose from a range of onsite spa services including:

  • A year-round indoor swim spa with a forest view that’s yours to enjoy with sole use
  • Friendly, low impact private exercise classes including Pilates, strength training and interval training
  • A choice of relaxing and therapeutic massages to soothe tired muscles and relieve stress
  • 1 to 1 meditation and healing sessions.

You can even borrow robes to wear for that boutique spa feeling too!

Nature’s own spa

We consider that nature is our best spa feature by far! 

  • Why listen to recorded whalesong in a sauna when you can sit in summer shade and listen to natural birdsong?
  • Why cross-train in a stuffy gym when you can snap on your snowshoes and trek through pristine forests with untouched snow squeaking underfoot?

Just relax and let our forest of sacred trees and uninterrupted views work their magic, for a spa break that’s both out of the ordinary and extraordinary too. 

Book your NRG spa break now!

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Young man canoeing in Canada at dawn

Want to paddle your own canoe on your vacation?

No problem! Borrow ours and let your stress and worries just drift away! Seriously, if you want to do your own thing and stay locally (or indeed live locally), that’s just fine.

You can book a day spa experience with us anytime. You can drive to us from home just for an afternoon, or make a weekend of it. It really is your choice. Contact us to discuss creating your own bespoke spa package.

No detox diets or calorie counting!

Our spa and wellness retreat is set deep in a community that wants to welcome you with open arms. So unlike luxury spas in the middle of nowhere, we don’t restrict you to set meals in a fancy restaurant or expensive drinks from the bar.

Instead, you can cook what you like, when you like, either in the fully equipped kitchen in your rental tiny cabin or on the fire pit and BBQ under the stars at our secluded sole use RV campsite. Shop local for produce fresh from our local growers, accompanied by a cool beer or crisp wine from our local breweries and wineries.

Grilled sausage. Bbq time. Grilling sausage over the fire place. Making frird sausage on bonfire


Book a day, a week, or a month (28 days maximum). Take the time you need to heal your body and soul.

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