Massage and Healing at NRG Sanctuary

Modern life can take its toll on our physical and mental health. That’s why we offer massage therapies to help heal your body, and healing sessions for the wellbeing of your mind.

Massage Therapies

Healing Sessions

Therapeutic massages at NRG Sanctuary

Treat your body to a professional therapeutic massage by our Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Our massage room is set amongst the forest and has lovely large windows that overlook our gardens and long old country laneway. It’s a calming space where you can relax in privacy and comfort.

Our massage therapist offers various types of massage to help sooth your body and cleanse your system:

Enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage to unknot those muscles and release stress and tension. Or relax as gentle heat melts away your stress with a hot stone massage.

Stiff shoulders? Tired back? Aching legs? Our registered massage therapist can help with deep tissue, sports and other therapeutic massage techniques to ease stiffness, tension and help rehabilitate muscles after injury.

Our Thai stem massage promotes natural body healing through a combination of massage and direct application of a compress containing natural herbs and plant extracts. Your massage therapist will create a Luk Pra Kob, a ‘herbal healing sphere’, using specific botanicals including lemongrass, turmeric and ginger. They will then roll it along your skin to stimulate blood flow and easing muscle tension and pain.

Our lymphatic system (aka lymph system) cleanses our body by carrying away waste from our muscles and tissues and destroying foreign bodies like viruses, bacteria and fungus. Natural lymphatic drainage may be affected by some illnesses, injuries, surgeries, and by cancer treatment. Manual lymphatic drainage massage gently helps increase the flow, reducing inflammation and helping the body remove toxins more effectively.

For more details, see our page on Lymphodema Treatments.

About our massage studio

Our onsite massage studio is air conditioned in summer and heated in winter for your comfort. It is also cleaned to the highest standards in between sessions. Massage appointments should be booked in advance, and receipts are available. 

Our Massage Prices

Expert, effective massages at remarkably cost-effective prices.
60 minute massage$95 weekdays$110 Saturday
30 minute massage:$60 weekdays$80 Saturday
60 minute hot stone massage:$150 Mon-Sat
60 minute Thai stem massage:$150 Mon-Sat
60 minute Reiki treatment :$90
Add a cupping treatment+$20
Add 4 rocks+$20

All prices include HST. Please note we do not offer massages on a Sunday.

NRG Healing Sessions

At NRG Sanctuary, we firmly believe that time spent with nature is in itself healing. And sometimes we need some extra help to centre ourselves, gain a holistic view of our place in the world, and bring some peace and calm to our lives.

Reiki is the Japanese idea of a life force energy that flows through us all. The higher your energy, the better your health and happiness. Reiki is a holistic treatment that covers the whole person – mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It is a safe, natural and highly beneficial way to help you relax and find renewed feelings of serenity, security and recovery.

As part of her own commitment to a holistic approach to health, NRG Sanctuary owner and founder Linda is a Reiki practitioner. Come and experience Reiki for yourself at NRG Sanctuary. Our sessions are open to all, whether living locally or here for the day, or staying in our rural vacation cabin or secluded forest campsite.

Contact us to book your Reiki session.

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