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Reviews from our very happy guests who have loved their stay in our secluded tiny cabin and private campsite.

If you’ve stayed with us, please leave us a review on Google or on the platform of your choice about your NRG Sanctuary Experience. We (and future guests) would love to hear from you!


Please leave us a review on the platform of your choice about your NRG Sanctuary Experience, We would love to hear from you.


“Hi Linda sorry for the delay but had a busy couple days back at work. The cabin is lovely clean, everything you need in there. The view and setting is beautiful. We were happy we took our time Saturday to enjoy some of the trails. Certainly a challenge for this desk jockey lol but my husband was in his element. Having a fan available for those of us that need to drown out sound would be nice. I was hoping the ceiling fan would provide that but it was so quiet (as they should be I am sure). All and all a lovely experience.” – Thank you, Tara M.

“Great trails to walk there and across the road at the provincial wildlife area. Very clean and a great help with any questions you have. Thank you so much again for having us. You have a great spot there being so close to the provincial wildlife area and all the trails you have on your own property. I would definitely come back again.” – Brent Jaworski

Thank you so much for the thoughtful follow-up.  We had an absolutely lovely time at your property.  We were very comfortable in your cabin and the girls just loved the trailer and catching frogs in the pond.  It is such a lovely property and we only wished we could have spent one more night in order to do a little bit more exploring.   The natural light in the cabin in the morning was splendid and the bed and bedding made for an extremely lovely and comfortable sleep.  The kitchens were adequately stocked with all our needs and it was a lovely big and clean bbq.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time by the firepit at night.  A few suggestions we might make in the future is to supply a couple of wine glasses (plastic would do) and maybe to leave instructions as to what to do with our recyclables and garbage.  Also, we loved the beautiful ceiling fan and it was nice to sleep with it on but not sure if you know, but periodically it starts to wobble slightly which makes the chains click against the light fixture….not a really big deal but not being deep sleepers it did wake us up a few times…I’m not sure if it is possible but maybe you could put some felt or something over the chains so they don’t make the noise?  Also, the curtain over the closet door kept falling down quite easily and it might be better to just leave it off or replace the tension rod.  Finally, we both thought that considering you are an RMT it might be an idea to include a brochure of your services in the cabin.  Our timing wouldn’t have allowed for it this time but another time your guests might want to take advantage of your services if that is something you are interested in offering in the experience.  I hope these suggestions help.  All in all, we had a fabulous time and wouldn’t hesitate to return or to recommend your place to others.  Oh! and by the way, we found the black lace bra there when we arrived.   I think I cheekily hung it up on a light fixture as a joke but it does not belong to us.
Again, many thanks…it was wonderful.
Kind regards,
Hailey & Heidi R. 😊
Hi Linda,
Thanks for the note. We really enjoyed our stay. Hope to be able to come visit again soon. The trails were lovely, your cabin is very well equipped, and we loved watching all the bird visitors! If there is Somewhere we can leave you a review please let us know.
Best, Yusra 

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