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Meet your hosts at NRG Sanctuary, Linda and Wayne.

Linda and Wayne have lovingly created this unique natural haven in Huron County through hard work, determination and a love of the natural world.

The NRG Sanctuary is a unique mix of original native habitat and carefully rehabilitated land. The Sanctuary includes 95 acres of original native landscape woodlands, hills and ponds, virtually unchanged from what the early settlers found. Indeed, the area was one of the final parcels sold by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

The original bush areas are made up of hills and valleys in three separate biospheres, each created by separate glaciers millions of years ago.

Pines were planted in other areas that were once cleared, but subsequently proved too poor for farmland with the goal to create a broad-leaf Carolinian forest.

In addition, Linda and Wayne are currently rehabilitating an old gravel pit and planting thousands of trees to improve habitat for local wildlife, and maintain the area as a natural environment.

The South Maitland River winds through the South Eastern corner of the Sanctuary, and can be accessed off of the East field.

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Linda and Wayne you NRG Sanctuary hosts

A word or two from Linda

“I have been someone who has loved nature from being a small girl. I didn’t want to play with barbies. I wanted to climb trees and sit mesmerised by babbling brooks. I took part in many clubs and government projects that were geared towards rehabbing and giving back to nature. 

I love how nature gives so much, just by being there. Within minutes of walking into a bush, you take bigger breaths, your heart rate slows, and you start to unwind. You smell the earth, the pine needles, or the spicy walnuts. You get back to your natural roots. 

That’s what living in this forested country property does for me. And that’s why we both love to share it with you.

I love to photograph the wide range of flora and fauna that now call NRG Sanctuary home. I also love skiing or snowshoeing our hiking trails, and camping in the wilderness. I would love to share any of my expertise with you – just come and ask!”

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Natural healing in a natural setting

Linda and Wayne have spent most of their lives investigating ways to be healthy. Linda is a Registered Massage Therapist, specializing in Manual Lymph Therapy. She is also a Reiki practitioner, and a firm believer in taking a holistic view of health. For more details see our NRG Experiences page .

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The NRG Sanctuary

The NRG Sanctuary is our own corner of peace and quiet, comprising 114 acres / 46 hectares nestled in the heart of Huron County in Ontario’s West Coast. The Sanctuary’s setting is a hilly part of a large bush in an agricultural area, very close to the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area (2200 hectares and 12 public walking trails).

We are on the Atlantic Mississippi migratory flyway and bird watching in this area is amazing! Birds love the safety of our trees and the fresh water in our eight natural ponds and one that was dredged out. The South Maitland River runs through here too, ensuring the natural health of our forest and wildlife that lives there.

Want to be close to nature and civilization too? Look no further! Our peaceful haven is nestled in a natural and varied landscape with three distinct biospheres. Yet we are also just 25 minutes from beaches, golf, shopping, and more. So you can unwind here and explore more of Central Huron (link to page on this website) all within a short drive. Come for a weekend, or stay for a month’s vacation – you won’t want to leave!

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